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Sales structure

Characteristics of MR

We have the human resources widely and deeply experienced
in clinical specialties, such as extracorporal circulation and implant
products (artificial valves, stent graft etc.).

Adoption of the MR qualification system

Product Specialist

  • Each business division has product specialist who have wide clinical and sales experience as well as deep specialized knowledge.
  • Offer sales training and support to promote the product.
  • Support the clinical application of new devices to the hospital, provide briefing sessions for physicians and contribute.

Clinical Supporter

  • The personnel who complete all curriculum internally and meet the internal criteria are qualified as Clinical Supporter (CS)
  • Explain to the physicians and hospital staff members how to use new device at the clinical site.
  • At least one CS is deployed in each sales office and deals with his duties keeping close contact  with other sales members of his office.

Qualified Representative

  • With regard to important fields and products we are handling, the whole sales are required to take the qualification test under the QR system.
  • Only those passing this test are allowed to handle the specified products for sales purpose.
  • Training sessions are regularly provided to encourage all of them to pass the qualification test by uniformly improving their knowledge level.

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