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Message from President

Image Cosmotec Co.,Ltd as a medical device company believe that we are helpful for saving people’s life as well as maintaining people’s health by providing the safer and more effective products to the medical sites. Based on this corporate philosophy, we have been working at the ordinary work for making our company develop and grow.
Development of the science in recent year can accelerate the improvement of the medical science and treatment. The environment surrounding us has been changed so fast and it has created the new things such as creating the new medical treatment and developing the device needed for its treatment.
Also comparing with before, the medical treatment has been shifting to minimally-invasive procedure.
Not only as a company, but also as all employees have been doing our best to adapt to those changes by having a goal individually.

We have expanded our sales activity for mainly European and American products in Japan. We built the system to collect the new overseas products information. Based on the information collected by this system, marketing analysis was executed and it made it possible to supply the product in the market.
Continually we hope that our products could be useful to the new medical treatment and it makes a contribution to recover more patients.

We promise that our company continues to do our best to be acknowledged by users, be relied on by whole sellers and be trusted by manufacturers with providing high quality products and high quality service timely.

Message from President
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